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Help: Selecting Search Terms from a List

Many of the fields on a search page have a select from a list link next to them. This button provides access to a browsable list of available search terms which may contain either keywords or phrases.

You can enter a search term in a search field and click the select from a list link to display the nearest match in the list. Your selected term is displayed above the list in the Look for search box.

Alternatively, you can leave a search field blank and click the select from a list button to display the start of the list. The Look for search box will be blank.

Using the list to select terms

  1. Enter the first few characters of the new term you wish to look for and click the Look for button to display a new section of the list, with the nearest match to the characters you entered highlighted in bold,
    Click the Up and Down buttons to scroll through the preceding and following sections of the browse index.
    (Select From List starts with "a". In order to view numbers you will need to click "up")

  2. Click the checkbox(es) next to the term(s) you wish to use in your search.
  3. Click the Select button to transfer them back to the relevant search box.

If you select more than one search term Archive Finder automatically combines them using the OR Boolean operator.

If you have entered more than one term into a search field (using the Boolean or proximity operators) before clicking the select from a list link, then only the last term will be displayed in the browse index.

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