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Help: Collection Search Results

What can I do on the Collection Search Results page?

The results of your searches are displayed on the Collection Search Results page. This page gives you access to all records for collections in Archive Finder containing your search term(s). A reminder of what you searched for is included at the top of the page, along with an indication of how many records have been retrieved, and the order in which they are sorted.

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What information is displayed on the Collection Search Results?

The following information is displayed for each entry in the Collection Search Results:

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How do I change the order in which my results are sorted?

By default, Collection records are sorted alphabetically by collection name. You can change the order in which records are sorted to alphabetically by repository name, or chronologically by earliest date, by using the Sort results drop-down list:

The Collection Search Results page reloads with the results listed in the order you have chosen.

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How do I change the number of results per page?

You can choose to display either 20 or 50 records per page. By default, Archive Finder displays 20 records per page. To change the display to 50:

The Collection Search Results will change to reflect the option you have chosen, and the link will change to read Display 20 records per page.

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How can I view the Full Record for a collection?

The name of the collection is linked to a Full Record where you can view more detailed information; to view the Collections Full Record, simply click the collection name.

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How can I view repository information for a particular item?

You can view more detailed information about the repository where a particular collection is held by clicking the repository name on the Collections Search Results page. This will take you to the Repository Full Record, where you can view information on opening hours, contact details, and so on.

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How do I select records to add to the Marked List?

You can select records in the Collection Search Results and transfer them to the Marked List:

The selected records will be highlighted and transferred to your Marked List.

To de-select records either:

You can click the Marked List link to view the current entries in your Marked List at any time.

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How can I move between pages of results?

Where there is more than one page of results, Archive Finder provides a link to each page. Click a number to display the results listed on that page. If the number of results pages exceeds 20, click the Next link to view pages 11-20, and so on. Click the Previous link to view the previous page of results.

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How can I modify my search?

Use the Modify search link to return to the search page with your original search terms intact so you can edit them and re-execute your search.

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How do I save a search?

You can store a search in the Saved Searches area of My Archive for use at a later date by clicking the Save Search link. You will be prompted to give your search a name to identify it easily in the list of saved searches.

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