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Help: Marked List

What is the Marked List page?

The Marked List page lists the bibliographic records you have selected and added from the Collection Search Results, the Repository Search Results or the Full Record pages during your current session. It allows you to create a list of records selected from searches in the current session, view the full record, email, print or download the list, remove records from your list, or save records to My Archive if you want to keep a record beyond the current session.

There are separate Marked List sections for Collection records and Repository records. The links at the top of the page tell you how many records have been saved in each area, and allow you to switch between sections by clicking the links.

Note that records will only remain on the Marked List page for the duration of the current session.

Each entry in the list consists of:

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How do I select or deselect items on the Marked List?

Each entry on the Marked List includes a Select this item checkbox. You must select the relevant items if you want to email, print or download them, or remove them from the list.

By default, all items on the Marked List are selected. Selected items are highlighted and shown with a tick in the Select this item checkbox. To deselect an already selected item, click the checkbox next to an individual item, or click the Select/Clear all items on this page checkbox at the top of the page. Simply repeat the process to select it again.

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Viewing the full record

You can view the full record for items you have added to your Marked List:

  1. Click the underlined title of the record you want to view.

You will be taken directly to the relevant page in Archive Finder.

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Emailing records

You may wish to email the current list of selected records to yourself or others.

  1. Click the Email link to open the Email page.

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Printing records

You may wish to print out the current list of selected records.

  1. Click the Print view link to open the Print view page.

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Downloading records

You may wish to download the current list of selected records to your computer.

  1. Click the Download citationslink above the list to open the Download Citations page.

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Removing records from a list

  1. Ensure that the records you wish to remove are selected.
  2. Click the Remove link.

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Is there a limit to the number of records I can add to the lists?

Archive Finder allows you to add 200 records to each list of selected records. If you already have 200 records in the list and you click Add to Marked List link on the Search Results page, you will be prompted to remove some of the records from the Marked List page.

  1. Click the Marked List link at the top of the Search Results page.
  2. Follow the instructions above for removing records from the Marked List page.
  3. You can then go back and add more records.

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Saving records to My Archive

You may wish to save records to My Archive to keep them beyond the current session.

  1. Click the Save to My Archive link.

The relevant record(s) will be saved to the Saved Items area of My Archive.

Note that of you have not logged into My Archive you will be prompted to do so.

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