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Help: Using Archive Finder Help

You can use Help to get more information about any of the features in Archive Finder. Click the Help link on any page to open Help in a pop-up window.

Many of the pages in Archive Finder have context-sensitive Help. This means that the link will open the most appropriate Help page for your current location in Archive Finder. For example, if you are viewing the Collection Search page, clicking the Help link will take you to the Collection Search Help page.

The Help Contents page opens by default if there is no context-sensitive Help for the current page. You can also access it from any Help page by clicking the Contents link at the top of the page.

The Help Contents page lists all the main features in Archive Finder. The name of each feature is a hyperlink enabling you to go to a page with information on the relevant feature.

Each Help page contains hyperlinks to other pages. You can follow these links to gain more information about a particular subject.

When you have finished looking at Help, click the Close Window link at the top of the page to close the pop-up window and return to the main Archive Finder page.

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