Software Requirements

Browser support

To benefit from all features and functionality for Archive Finder we recommend that you use one of these browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Firefox 2.0
  • Safari 3.0

This site is viewable in other browsers but your experience may not be as complete as it would be if you use one of the browsers in the list above. You can download the browsers in the list using the links below:

Pop-ups in Archive Finder

This site makes use of pop-ups to provide some types of content. For example, the help opens in a pop-up so you can easily switch between reading the help and looking at the site. Pop-ups are not used for advertising on this site, they only include site content. If you have a browser pop-up blocker activated you will need to disable it for full access to the content in Archive Finder. Alternatively, most pop-up blockers can be configured to allow pop-ups for sites you select whilst still blocking pop-ups from other sites. Please refer to your browser help for details on how to disable your pop-up blocker or allow pop-ups for this site.


Adobe Reader

In order to view the content in Archive Finder which has been provided in PDF format, it is recommended that you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.