Submitting Repository and Collection Information to Archive Finder

Archive Finder is continuously seeking new and updated information to keep its growing database of repositories and collections as current and accurate as possible. We encourage repositories to contribute new or updated repository and collection information. There is absolutely no charge or obligation associated with submitting information to Archive Finder. Information collected will be included in future updates of Archive Finder and become available to researchers worldwide.

While Archive Finder includes all collections and repositories that have been reported to NIDS US, NIDS UK/Ireland or NUCMC, you also have the opportunity to submit information directly to Archive Finder. For your convenience, submissions can be completed in three formats: we recommend using the online submission form for entries new to Archive Finder; using the "Update this record (for Archivists)" links found on the relevant repository and collection records to update existing records; or using the submission form in Microsoft Word format.

Please Note: You must include an informative description of each collection submitted to give researchers a good overview of its holdings. A researcher will find your collection based on the terms you provide in the title and description. If your collection has a finding aid on the Web, be sure to note its URL and we will activate a link to that finding aid.

If you have any questions about what you need to provide, please call 800-521-0600 x5266 or contact your ProQuest representative.